Pantelimon Sociotherapy Center


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“Maximum Independence with Minimal Assistance”. Starting from this motto, we created for and together with people with disabilities the necessary framework for developing skills and abilities for work and life, so that the beneficiaries feel motivated to be active people, useful to those around them and themselves.

In 2006, the center was accredited as a provider of social services such as Day Care Center and Protected Housing. It has opened its doors for an initial number of 13 young people and currently hosts 35 adult beneficiaries.

Dr. Karl Konig, one of the promoters of sociotherapy, said: “We have to create conditions so that the adult builds his work and life sphere in his opinion. We do not have to believe that we are the ones who know best what needs he has … ”

In the town of Pantelimon, 5 km from Bucharest, in a 5 hectare area away from the agitation of the city, there is the Pantelimon Sociotherapy Center, built between 2003 and 2007.

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