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For whom is suitable “Pantelimon” Center?

The basic criterion for admission in “Pantelimon” Center is the positive answer to the next question: “Does the Center meet the young beneficiary needs and, in the same time, does the young beneficiary meet the Center demands?” The services of the Center are suitable for young people who want to work, have a physical health and some skills allowing them to work in the garden or in the kitchen or weaving workshops, crafts or carpentry.


For whom is not suitable “Pantelimon” Center?

Unfortunately the Center cannot meet the needs of the people whose primary diagnosis is mental illness. Meanwhile, the Center can not meet the needs of people with physical disabilities who need permanent care or supervision, carried out by a direct personal assistant, 24 of 24.

How much is the living cost in “Pantelimon” Center for a beneficiary?

The center is a private facility, whose costs are covered as follows:

  • 10% – sponsors from Romania
  • 40% – contributions and donations from the families of beneciaries
  • 10% – sponsors from abroad
  • 20% – sale of products from workshops
  • 20% – specific punctual projects

Approximate costs (depending on the degree of disability and the number of hours spent in the center) for a beneficiary are:

  • 1,800 RON/ month for the Daily Social Services Center.
  • 2,600 RON/ month for the Daily Social Services Center + Sheltered house

How long may the beneficiaries use the Center’s services?

Staying in the center may take as long as initial criteria for admission are met, meaning, as long as the Centre activity meets the needs of the beneficiary and, the beneficiary meet the requirements of the Centre.

The occurrence of any health problems, behavioral changes, additional needs for care, supervision and safety, are reasons that can stop relationship between the beneficiary and the Center.