The Day Care Center


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The Day Care Center offers a diverse program of occupational therapy workshops, artistic and recreational activities as well as therapies.

In the weaving workshop, the beneficiars learn to work  to loom and produce canvas and presses made of different yarns and materials. Cotton, wool, or mohair  are used to produce clothing, bags and decorations.

In the tailoring artistic  workshop, the beneficiaries make objects from different materials for the decoration and arrangement of the center’s premises and objects for sale at the winter and spring fairs organized each year in the Center.

In the housekeeping workshop the beneficiaries prepare meals, they maintain the cleaning at the place of meals and in the house, they keep the bedclothes.

In the kitchen workshop the beneficiaries prepare lunch and snacks for all those working in the workshops: beneficiaries, workers and volunteers of the center. Under the guidance and supervision of the cook, they make winter conserve, birthday cakes and other events.

In the gardening workshop the beneficiaries care for an area of about 0.5 ha with vegetables, aromatic plants and apple orchards. This provides some of the vegetables and fruits needed for daily food.