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Why  a social enterprise?

  • “Pantelimon” Sociotherapy Center is located on an area of 5 ha (Property of the Association). During the last 6 years on this area were cultivated vegetables and fruits, in order to cover a part of the daily requirements of food. Starting from this competence, it was born the idea of the development of an economic activity by a social enterprise called “Biohrana”.
  • Based on this existing expertise, from the potential of this insufficiently exploited land and the continuing challenge of finding new sources of funding for social services, the idea of development of economic activities within a social enterprise was born.
  • “Biohrana” social enterprise increase the share of self-financing of the Association, enhancing its independence, directly contributing to the expansion of social services and offers the possibility to create new working places that exploit the competence of people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Through this Social Enterprise, the moral (the mood) of the employees and beneficiaries is improved (security / stability / feeling of contribution) and also the credibility in front of current partners and sponsors is increased.
  • “Biohrana” Social Enterprise supports the long-term strategy of “Prietenia” Association contributing to increase of the transparency and image in the community, by increasing the chance of attracting sponsors, volunteers and new customers and responding to a need identified in the Romanian market for fresh organic products.

“Biohrana” Social Enterprise has two production lines:

  • Vegetable garden and orchard (both bio)
  • The bakery-patisserie (also bio), in preparation

The stage of vegetable garden and orchard

“Biohrana” produces and sells organic vegetables and fruits (in covered or open areas) that were not genetically modified, for whose cultivation does not use artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

Rosii cherry 2

Salata nuci 2IMG_20160518_104149


By using the resources of the Association, a fertile land and experience of the staff, we want to create a qualitative and competitive product.

The seeds used to grow vegetables come from certified organic producers from abroad (SaatGut,Reinsat, Sativa, certified DEMETER), from Romania (Bacau SCDL) and from our own production.

Certificare Eco

“Biohrana” currently holds a bio garden and an orchard with 750 young fruits trees, bio also, getting first fruits since 2014.

In 2013, after a period of three years of reconversion, “Prietenia” Association was certified as organic producer.

Production obtained is used for own consumption within “Prietenia” Association and some of it is sold to customers (individuals and companies), in Bucharest and in other regions.

We send weekly via e-mail available products for the clients who are in our portfolio.                           Delivery is made once a week, at the consumer’s home.









Brutaria Bio


The Bio Bakery

Setting up a bio bakery within a social enterprise, part of “ Prietenia” Association has the following purposes:

  • Creating 2-3 new jobs (in activities related to the production process) that leverages the competences of people with intellectual disabilities, significantly improving their morale and confidence;
  • Financing up to 20% of the annual budget of “Pantelimon” Center for social therapy Pantelimon Center up to 20% of the annual budget, gradually replacing punctual methods of obtaining funds;
  • Delivery to the kitchen of the Center the daily requirement of bakery;

The amount needed for the construction and opening of the bakery is estimated at around 181.300 Euro.




Until now we gathered 137,000 Euro through the efforts of a group of partners led by the project ambassador Mr. Stanislav Georgiev.

The construction of the future building of the bakery is finalized inside, and plastered at “firsthand” outside. We also purchased the first equipment, hearth bread oven.


We longer need about 44,300 Euro for:

  • 7,000 Eurocompletion of the construction of the building
  • bakery equipment 12,300 Euro
  • delivery vehicle 10,000 Euro 
  • start-up, authorizations 15,000Euro