Completed projects


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Maximum independence with minimum assistanceScope: social and professional integration of young people with mental disabilities from Bucharest and Ilfov. Young people are involved in lucrative or household activities under family regime. The services of “Pantelimon” Sociotherapy Center have as indirect beneficiaries also families and caregivers of these young people by providing support in taking care of them, psychological counseling , social assistance.  Recovery and rehabilitation activities through art therapies like painting, eurythmy and through movement, Bothmer gymnastics are activities that complement and meet the needs of persons with disabilities. The dance troupe and theater, literary circle, cycles of lectures, creates new opportunities for socialization, but also access to updated information. Results: Since 2006 to the present, the number of beneficiaries increased from 13 to 33.

Come to school”Scope: Preventing absenteeism and school abandonment by providing transportation to and from CTPPS Corabia and “Pantelimon” Sociotherapy Center. Results: 8 children and 14 adult beneficiaries.

At Karl  Konig School” (in partnership with  Sonnhalde Gempen  Switzerland). Scope: Continuous training of specialists who provide education in CPCTS  Corabia and  CST Pantelimon, in the context of biannual symposiums (May and October). Results: 70 participants (pedagogues, psychologists, social workers, support staff, personal assistants and accompanying persons) from other special schools from Bucharest and the rest of the country, 5 NGOs and State Institutions.

Training program “At Rudolf Steiner school” for specialists and workers in social pedagogy.

Auto financing program – promote projects for rightly exploitation of the material and human resources, and various opportunities to secure the necessary funding for social services given by the association. We founded “Biohrana” Social Enterprise was founded.

“The game, a way to educate the senses” – the project envisions the construction of a playground in the yard of Curative Pedagogy and Social Therapy Center “Corabia” in Bucharest. This project also aims the development of a program to educate the senses through exercises and games for 70 children.

Similarly, different, together” – youth exchange Scope: The social interaction between three groups: scholars from CPCTS  Corabia, children from a similar center from Sonnhalde Gempen – Switzerland and scholars from Waldorf High School (volunteers within “Prietenia” Association). These groups, even different, have found many things they have in common. Results: 34 beneficiaries.

Volunteers give a helping hand” Scope: Construction, development and beautification of spaces for education or activities with people with disabilities with the support of volunteer groups. Results: 60-90 scholars from abroad/year, starting with 2004.

BCR Orchard” (in partnership with BCR and “Mai Mult Verde” Association) Scope: Planting and maintenance of an orchard on an area of 1 hectare, in the area of “Pantelimon” Sociotherapy Center. Results: 750 trees (plum, apple, cherry, peach, bio apricot) planted with the help of 200 volunteers, employees of BCR.

Be friendly with me” (in partnership with Pantelimon City Hall and Commercial Gallery  Cora-Esplanada). Scope: Promote a friendly attitude towards people with disabilities Many disabled people avoid going out in society because of insistent glances or offenses. Those who have no a person with disabilities in the family prefer not to know that there are people who are struggling with the limitations imposed by disability. We believe that if people would be helped to better understand how to react around a child or adult with disabilities, would become more tolerant. Results: 50 people with disabilities accompanied by 40 volunteers gave flowers and flyers with the campaign message. Representatives from other 3 NGOs assisted the persons with disabilities in Bucharest, Bailesti and Iasi.

Mobility and access” Scope: Facilitation of the access of heavy movable persons at social services for adults  within CST Pantelimon. Results:  A Dacia Logan car with 7 seats was purchased in 2007 within a call for projects.  During 2008, with the support of a caregiver, 5 adults with disabilities were transported daily from Pantelimon Center.

  Social economy, long-term solution” Scope: Development of a feasibility study and a business plan, within a competition of social enterprises organized by NESsT (2009-2010). Rezults: BIOHRANA business plan was designated as one of the 5 winners of NESsT competition, receiving a $ 10,000 grant and assistance in implementing in the first 3 years.